Beata Mikołajczyk

“Nie rezygnuj nigdy ze swoich marzeń, bo jeśli umrą marzenia
umrzesz i Ty”
- D.H.

Beata – the meaning of name

It is believed that our name gives us personality as well as shapes our character.

It can also make our life easier of more difficult because of some features that are related to it.

In  Latin BEATA means ‘happy, blessed, rich’. Serious, thoughtful, noble, sociable and gentle. Beata is an open and direct person. You can admire her optimism and honesty. She has a big temper. Beata likes to command, but she can also listen. She is often engaged in philanthropy, in this activity she finds the passage of vital energy. Beata extremely appreciates peace and quiet. In her life she tries to act according to her feelings. She is a great friend and a good counselor. You can always count on her. She values agreements over jostling and what is more important, she can reach a compromise. Men are attracted to her grace and a charming smile . Beata is emotional and elegant. The family is always in the first place, but at work she does her best to make a career. She loves nature and long distance travels. Beata is also characterized by innate shyness and uncertainty. She also has artistic skills. Beata has an innate passion for beauty. Sometimes she is too comfortable and lazy. She can’t stand rudeness and hypocrisy. Therefore, she considers the phenomenon of a rat race as vulgar and pathetic. What she thinks as highly necessary in life is stability, prosperity and a peace of mind. Beata tolerates routine, wants to have something constant in her life. Beata can’t stand noisy and weird people or madmen. That’s the way it is with incorrect aesthetes.