Beata Mikołajczyk

“Nie rezygnuj nigdy ze swoich marzeń, bo jeśli umrą marzenia
umrzesz i Ty”
- D.H.



I was born on the 15th October 1985 in Bydgoszcz. As a little girl I liked playing in the courtyard. I was often climbing trees and roofs although my parents told me not to do it. From my childhood I remember numerous trips to the lake with my family as well as holidays which I used to spend with my family in Czarnów and Koronów. These are unforgettable moments because it was time of carefree fun.




Primary school no. 11

I started my education in 1992 in Primary School number 11. I attended it only 4 years and then I changed schools.




Beginnings of my career

One day in June of 1996 coach Wiesław Rakowski visited our school. He encouraged us to visit a regatta course in Babia Wieś. I didn’t go to the first meeting because I had other activities at that time. I was fascinated by chess. One of my friends insisted that I should go to the course. Finally , she convinced me. I went for the fourth meeting. It turned out that I did really well in water. |After several trainings, I decided to start in a competition called „ Pierwszy krok ( The first step)” and I took the fifth place. After this event, coach Rakowski chose a group of children and offered a place in a canoeing club „ Łaczność” Bydgoszcz. I was happy to be among these children, I had to take my first, serious decision in life. My parents didn’t want to persuade me by all means. They said that I got their permission and blessing if I wanted to train this discipline. In this way, I became a canoist.




Primary school no. 47

I had to change schools to start trainings. In the new school trainings were embedded in the timetable. So, I started the fifth grade in a canoing class. My first coach was Wiesław Rakowski. It was him who noticed some features in me, which helped me go fast in a canoe. Thanks to him, I started to love canoes. Marek Głomski was my second coach. Cooperation with him brought the first successes in The Youth Polish Championships.

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 47



The School of Sports in Wałcz

To be able to go to this school I had to persuade my parents for a year. My coach Wiesław Rakowski  helped me do it. My parents finally agreed and said that when I go there I will not have the opportunity to change my decision. This was the second major decision in my life that I had to take. I remember it was a really nice and friendly school. Lessons, of course, were arranged so that we could train twice a day. In high school, I came across a great specialist coach Zbigniew Kovalchuk and I met a great, strong group of canoeists. This school taught me life and showed that I should count on myself in everyday life.. Everyone had  to take care of themselves, wash, clean and above all, mobilize themselves to work hard in school and during trainings.




My first contact with the Polish national team.

Before the age of 16, I went to the first national team camp, which ended with an international competition in Bochum (Germany). Coach Christine Głażewska took care of us in the team, under her eye I achieved the first successes in the Junior European Championships. As a result, I was noticed by a senior team coach Piotr Głażewski and as a junior, I started to go to camps with seniors. It was a great reward! However, it cost me a lot. I was only 10 days at school in my final year!! The work done in trainings was really hard and exhausting.




The first medal in European Junior Championships

In Zagreb (Croatia) I reached for my first medal at the European Junior Championships. Together with Aneta Szulc we took the bronze medal over a distance of 1000m. At the same competition I also managed to win the bronze medal individually (k-1 500m)

Pierwszy Medal ME Juniorów



Matura of 2004

Devil is not so terrible as he is painted 🙂 but luckily, I passed all my graduation exams! Despite such a high absence I got 5 ( the best grade) in my written exams in Polish and History. Thanks to that fact, I didn’t have to take oral exams. I was almost too late for my English exam. It was due on Friday and I got to school on Monday because of  European Senior Championships. I got 4 in my English exam.




Athens of 2004

Under the guidance of coach Głażewski, I started to swim faster. I worked with him from the autumn of 2002. Thanks to him, I had a good start in the World Junior Championships that took place in 2003. I was doing really well with the seniors. In the qualifying race for the senior squad in 2004, I was the second. Unfortunately, it was not enough for the coach to  trust in me. He said the words that still stuck in my head, “you’re still young, you can wait …” It was a big blow. I watched the Olympic games on TV … Now it does not hurt as much as it did. This event gave me the strength to continue hard work, I wanted to show and prove that the coach made a mistake then. I didn’t give up.




The change of club colours

The change concerned mostly replacing the name. Unfortunately, bad things started to take place in „Łaczność” club – both canoists and coaches were not appreciated… and so my new club was UKS Kopernik Bydgoszcz.





I started my higher education in 2004 simultaneously at two universities. It was Bydgoszcz Academy (daily) and the School of Management and Finance (extra mural). In the first of these universities a lot of problems were put on me and after one year I gave it up. The second school was in trouble, and now it no longer exists. Life has taught me, however, that you can not give up. “Three times a charm” … In 2006 I started studying at the Higher School of Economics. I found there my happiness and well-wishing people. The school really helped me, I had an individual organization of studies, I could take exams on a later date. The university also appreciated my achievements, thanks to it I studied for free! In 2012 I defended my master’s thesis.




2005 – 2007

After the Olympic Games in Athens in the Polish Canoe Association it was a time for a change. Michał Brzuchalski became a new coach. Under his guidance I gained several medals at Youth European Championships and Senior European Championships. In 2007, in the final phase of preparations for the Olympic qualifications, I cooperated with Wiesław Rakowski. During this period I started in k-1.




Pekin 2008

I started in two competitions during the Olympic Games k-4 500m i k-2 500m. In k-4 together with Aneta, Edyta and Dorota we were the fourth. We lost by 0,048..In k-2 Aneta and me got the silver medal.




Once again, there were changes in the Polish Canoe Association. Tomasz Kryk was appointed a new coach. That year, under his guidance I got my first gold medal at the Senior World Championships in distant Canada.





The year passed very quickly. This season, I competed in the competition k-1 and during the World Championships I took the 6th place over a distance of 500m. I trained all season “outside the team” and I was prepared by my club coach – Wiesław Rakowski. This system was possible thanks to the program “Poland London 2012”.




The year of returns … 🙂 The year before the Olympics I returned to the group coached by Tomasz Kryk. Season 2011 was a particularly important period because of the opportunities to gain the Olympic qualification. This year, I also came back to take part in the competition K-2 500m with Aneta Konieczna  (a partner of settlement K-2 500m – silver at the Beijing Olympics). Together, we took a silver medal at the European Championships and a bronze medal at World Championships. Additionally, thanks to the successful performance, we gained the Olympic Qualification.




Dreams …those fulfilled and those unfulfilled … For the second time in a women’s k-4 I  was the fourth … The 4th time in the history of the Olympics I was the fourth. Many of these 4 .. But I gained my second Olympics medal! Along with Karolina Naja, we took the bronze medal in k-2 500m.




This year was like a testing ground … Many starts in various teams, in different settings and at different distances. The year when along with Karolina Naja we took the first gold medal in an olympic competition during the European Championships. Year 2013 is also a year rich in medals. A total of 10 medals: 2 Polish Championships, 4 World Cup, two European Championships and two World Championships medals.











2017 …