Beata Mikołajczyk

“Nie rezygnuj nigdy ze swoich marzeń, bo jeśli umrą marzenia
umrzesz i Ty”
- D.H.


Photo with an autograph


If  you want to get a photo with an autograph do the following:

You must send to me (the address is located on the bottom of the page) an envelope with your address (envelope in size C5 – 162mm x 229mm) and with a return postage.

Additionally, (if you wish) you can specify the text of dedication you would like me to write on the photo.

The photo size is 198mm x 141mm.

I won’t respond to your request, if you send an envelope that is too small.

I will not respond to the request such as: “postage free – ne pass affranchir” / “porto receiver pays” / “addresse pay postage”. Post doesn’t want to send this kind of letters.



My address:

Beata Mikołajczyk


ul. Słonecznikowa 1

86-005 Białe Błota

Email address: